In addition to, actually, the fresh CPD does not have any actual legislation against relationship otherwise having a wedding to your companion

Exactly what Voight told you was the actual situation

Jay had the best tip trying save your self Voight out of themselves. Years ago, Really don’t think he’d believe that is actually you’ll be able to. Voight would have done any kind of he had been attending create, plus the merely person that may have eliminated him could have started Al. Assuming you to definitely didn’t really works, Al could have just helped. Jay won’t had been able to end him. Everything is additional now. Jay knows he has got an effect on Voight, and may also have the ability to publication him towards a somewhat best street. Whenever Voight begged Jay to make your from inside the and not explore everything against Northern for the 9?09 (due to the fact, he had been concerned about Jay’s conscience), it had been Jay who felt like if not to keep Hailey and declined to give Voight upwards. Jay discovered a better way discover Paco to talk inside occurrence twelve, in the place of crossing lines whenever Voight warned him he would do that in the event the Jay wouldn’t get a hold of a flush way-out from it. Jay’s concern here was about Anna’s kid. For this reason the guy brought it to help you Hailey within their dispute throughout the driveway. In the event the Anna decided to go to prison, this lady kid would-be put in the promote program. Their cousin and father is both lifeless.

Hailey are supposed a small over the top together holier-than-thou emotions. That has been maybe not the time. These were to your a-clock, therefore I am happy every person just went out to create just what required as complete. Whenever Kim expected Hailey when the she are coming, which was the idea Hailey had to make a decision – possibly sit trailing, since you do not consent otherwise allow them to go-by by themselves. We knew she would match Jay, since the she wasn’t gonna leave him online instead copy.

This woman is creating exactly what Jay used to do, overcompensating because of the supposed all the way about other-direction, due to what happened with Walton. Jay did which for a long time, overcompensating for what taken place which have Knox during the Afghanistan from the looking to become a black colored-and-white/because of the guide cop. Hailey is extremely of the publication whenever she joined Cleverness, so this is how she were only available in 12 months 5. However, she needs to select an equilibrium identical to Jay in the end did. Kim yes was not pretending holier-than-thou within event, and you may none was Kevin. And you will, they are the other a couple cops that are similar to Jay into the going by the ebook.

The brand new “you decide to go in which I-go” theme could have been their point once the year 6

Some individuals appear to think this is a build for breaking Jay and you will Hailey upwards just like the couples. Zero, Really don’t see that taking place. The let you know is not dumb enough to do this, knowing the backlash they’re going to get. Neither does the newest NYPD.

When you find yourself Voight did return to their old models to own an effective while, he advised Anna the guy did not simply let her get off area during the one standoff in the pub. The guy would not provides informed her you to definitely, if he was its likely to let their refrain since the some admirers seem to be insisting. He was looking to speak her off, while the she is unraveling significantly more and you can panicking. There had been a lot of witnesses now. She did not just get-off urban area, and he realized one to.

Anna’s death was very sad, however, I knew that is just how this would end-all 12 months. I just knew it, particularly once a week ago. Some individuals envision Voight have a tendency to keep an excellent grudge up against Jay and you will Hailey to possess Anna’s passing. I really don’t think so. If the one thing, he’s going to fault himself. It whole event involved him trying conserve Anna, given that the guy felt guilty to own putting their by this. Voight need to have taken Anna when she requested become removed, and she told you she wished away a week ago. elizabeth himself for this. When it factors him to alter into most readily useful otherwise even worse remains to be viewed. It can go regardless. In my opinion it finale supported given that an excellent back to where it started minute in order to in which we were past season finale which have Hailey. I’m glad she is trying to be much better, but there’s an equilibrium.

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