Negi’s family unit members begins to attract negative focus because of Mami’s work, and Papi hates the reality that Mami really works

Mami insists which they need to have the money and very quickly requires Negi to take on much more obligations to possess taking care of the lady sisters. Negi tries, but once the a child herself she is not able to simulate the girl mother’s authority. During this time period Negi envies their cousin Jenny , a rotten just kid. One day, Negi’s cousin Delsa comes back and states one to Jenny are giving kids flights for her the bike. Negi works to gather the woman siblings, but Jenny insists with the offering nothing Raymond a journey. Negi cannot control the girl sisters and you can goes home alone, even if she works back when she hears shouts out-of aches and scary. Raymond and you will Jenny has fallen, and you will Raymond’s base had caught on bicycle strings. Negi feels responsible, it is afterwards mad if people fault Jenny. Shortly just after Raymond’s crash, Mami movements the children back into Santurce, to a community titled El Mangle.

Este Mangle floats toward good lagoon filled up with sewage. Negi rises the initial early morning and you will Mami reveals her just how to use the restroom, that’s nothing more than a gap clipped for the flooring. Negi panics when she attempts to use this restroom and you will Mami and you may Dona Andrea , the girl they’re sticking with, li at some point enrolls Negi at school. Negi hates the lady professor, Senora Leona , due to the fact the woman is imply and you will insists towards the talking only inside the Foreign language. Senora Leona phone calls Negi jibara just like the a keen insult.

One to morning, Mami requires Negi to act really special: romantic a-dead infant’s eyes. Negi hesitantly agrees. The action try frightening and you will Negi scrubs by herself after. A short while afterwards, Negi and you may Senora Leona provides a keen altercation when you look at the class, but Papi miraculously looks and you will preserves Negi. Papi convinces Mami to go so you’re able to a flat for the Santurce trailing a bar. Immediately following Xmas, Mami takes Negi in order to Tio Lalo ‘s household to keep to have sometime. On dining, Negi discovers one to Mami is going to Ny which have Raymond to see a specialist. You to definitely nights, Negi learns out of her relative Gladys one to Negi would have to assist strip carrots for her uncle’s greatest stuffed potato golf balls. Negi peels carrots each and every morning for the next several weeks up until Mami production. Soon after Mami productivity, the family motions again and Negi conveys an aspire to know to play keyboard. Papi arranges to possess Negi when planning on taking coaching having Don Luis . Negi features the girl instruction additionally the notice she receives regarding Don Luis up to she understands that they are trying look-down the lady blouse within this lady development breasts. New lessons avoid immediately.

Raymond’s base will not heal, and Mami vows to locate your an expert

Titi Generosa comes to stick to the youngsters, and you may Negi’s sisters torment this lady. Papi in the end requires Negi back once again to Tio Lalo’s domestic. Whenever Mami return regarding Nyc to acquire Negi, she tells Negi one to she arrived where you can find find the house secured while the babies marketed among family relations. Because the Mami and you will Negi walk to your coach, men catcall Mami, and you can Negi was terrified and you can angry. Mami and you may Papi move with her to some other family close a great golf course. Negi’s basic crush, Johannes , relates to our house someday, but Negi believes the guy will not compare with the new guys in her detergent operas.

Negi will get her own area and uses her time paying attention to broadcast soap operas about kind guys called Ricardo otherwise Armando , and you may dreams about enjoying matchmaking since the she observe their moms and dads struggle a lot more about

The latest times just before Negi’s 13th birthday, Papi informs their one Mami is just about to move to The fresh new York. Mami confirms, and you may she and you will Papi keeps a horrible battle concerning the facts you to definitely Papi would not i packs her anything and you can thirty days after, requires Negi, Raymond, and Edna along with her to help you Nyc. It move into a condo over Tata , Mami’s mom. When Negi begins college, she negotiates to your suggestions specialist to allow their to enter eighth grade in the event that she can learn English from the Christmas. Negi how to use waplog are puzzled because of the personal build from the college: white Americans, Italians, Puerto Ricans, and you can black Us americans challenge one another always. Shortly after two months, Mami and you can Negi move to a more impressive flat so the rest off Negi’s sisters may come. Following they are available, Negi begins the woman period and you can Mami purchases the lady the girl earliest bra.

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