Even with proclaiming that she isn’t really envious out-of Monica and you will Chandler’s wedding, Rachel believes to have a good «incentive nights» with Ross

Season 7

It begin making out on hall when Monica treks inside on the them. This can lead to Monica canceling the brand new festivals regarding her engagement, since the this woman is sick and tired of Rachel stealing this new spotlight. («The one Which have Monica’s Thunder»)

Phoebe chooses to let Monica and you will Chandler prefer exactly what she will get to them given that a gift due to their involvement. Monica will get enthusiastic about obtaining Phoebe’s wonders cookie recipe. Meanwhile, because Joey acquired brand new vessel from the quiet public auction, Rachel decides to illustrate Joey so you can cruise his motorboat. («One On Offer, Region step 1») Ross and you may Rachel concur they should have acquired involvement merchandise having its Vegas marriage.

Rachel is actually advertised to help you Shopping Manager for polo retail at the Ralph Lauren, a position that allows their to hire an individual secretary. This http://datingranking.net/es/feabie-review is one way she meets Mark, this lady more youthful, breathtaking date («One Having Rachel’s Assistant») whom she dates, despite cautions out of their company. She spends the night time with Level where you work, seeking crucial agreements so you can Milan and therefore she failed to posting aside. To save face, she prefers to blame Mark towards mistake. («The one Where They have been Upwards All night») Since Level isn’t element of this lady the amount of time upcoming agreements, with having three youngsters, she holiday breaks with him on her behalf 30th birthday. («The main one Where Each of them Turn Thirty»)

Rachel was depicted as that have one thing of a nice tooth, sharing multiple cheesecakes that have Chandler as well as eating the final regarding them from the hallway flooring. («One Because of the Cheesecakes»)

Whenever Joey is actually selected to have an excellent Soapie award, Rachel is the only 1 of your own women to know what a great Soapie are. Joey attracts the girl toward prizes ceremony, and you may Rachel admits you to definitely she uses a hair care package about bath to apply their acceptance speech immediately following profitable a great Grammy. («The main one That have Joey’s Honor»)

Rachel is reunited having Melissa, her just who she kissed warmly into elder year into the college. Due to Phoebe’s disbelief and you may Melissa’s denial, Rachel kisses Melissa so she won’t eliminate «the one wild matter she got actually over» out of this lady. Melissa accidently thinks one to Rachel are attracted to her and she feels safe adequate to display this lady destination so you can Rachel, claiming, «Oh my personal jesus! You adore me». Astonished, Rachel rejects their. Ashamed, Melissa hails a taxi and you will proposes to Rachel an excellent «kiss good-bye?», Rachel once again rejects the girl and Melissa renders. Phoebe following kisses Rachel heartily and Rachel says; «Just what hell are you to definitely?» and you can Phoebe responds by stating «just to see what every play around was about.». Rachel asks the way it are and you will she responds by the stating that she’s «had greatest.» Covertly Ross and you will Rachel would bed along with her one month ahead of Monica’s Wedding while preparing the wedding invitations however, concur to not tell some body.

Are before Chandler and you may Monica’s matrimony, Phoebe and you will Rachel see an optimistic maternity test from the toilet garbage. Phoebe believes it’s Monica’s, however, as Chandler and you will Monica display the basic era zooms during the to the a baffled Rachel, implying she’s usually the one that expecting.

Seasons 8

At the wedding reception, Rachel confesses the girl maternity in order to Phoebe («Usually the one After ‘I Do'»). After, she confesses her maternity to Chandler. Fundamentally, she says to Ross that he is the father. For the sonogram, she does not see the kid to start with. Ross support this lady and you can she realizes that she got heard of kids however, did not see and you may thanked Ross to possess providing the blessing to their. («The only In which Rachel Tells Ross»). The child is actually formulated during their passionate one-night sit when these were both vulnerable, being you to definitely Rachel is actually envious out of Monica’s involvement, and Ross had not had sex from inside the 6 months.

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