For the partner fiction teams, especially on the web, fundamentally fandom describes people that enjoy a specific story, character, video game, etc


, and you may actively connect with others; that’s, a team of (although not strewn) individuals who display need for an identical mass media. The term plus sees unexpected use given that a word towards canon really works.

Even if now included in the above mentioned contexts between readers and writers off enthusiast fictional, the expression «fandom» alone actually pre-times the present day use of the word «enthusiast fictional»; the brand new Oxford English Dictionary contours the new term’s lifestyle because the far back due to the fact 1903.

A more barely-put word to own «fandom» in our contemporary world is «fen», a fun loving fake-pluralization away from «fan» one to mimics «men», the fresh new plural particular «man».


Cannon (produced from the new term’s usage about Christian faith and you will promoted within this perspective because of the Baker Roadway Irregulars) refers to the «official» provider thing upon which partner fiction would be dependent. Nowadays, specific fandoms has engaged in lengthy argument more than what’s otherwise isn’t «canon», always because of multiple writers in various news creating inconsistent supply question, such as inside the metaseries instance Dpire Slayer.

It’s important to observe that something which is regarded as «canon» is regarded as are basically a great verifiable facts on offered fandom. Info once the advanced since statutes out of physics in the certain story world otherwise since second due to the fact exactly how an excellent character’s name’s supposed to be spelled shall be described as «canon» facts, for as long as he’s particularly shown otherwise directly shown regarding source matter; this may involve character decisions also, though debate more so what can or cannot be thought «canon decisions» might be an issue of contention inside the fandom. Occasionally, article writers (instance Joss Whedon otherwise JK Rowling) together with develop on what was revealed regarding completely new facts inside almost every other media, specifically individual websites otherwise blogsments towards nature out of a story otherwise reputation right from the newest writer are felt comments from «canon».

In short, «canon» in the context of partner fictional is both the fresh new recognized «official» topic in itself, and you may a notion or detail promoted by the brand new work and you will/or perhaps in recognized «official» procedure.


Although it is not the same as cannon, fanon was an interconnected layout in that the expression surrounds conceived (non-canon or not verified as actually canon) facts otherwise things, especially those which happen to be made use of frequently in the enthusiast fiction you to definitely they be seen by many since a long the main cannon. It getting memetic into the fandom as much publishers and admirers adopt an identical fanon, usually in this a comparatively short period of time body type.

Among the typical reason for fanon should be to complete detected contradictions or openings in the cannon from the answering (otherwise inquiring) questions that the provider situation often does not otherwise don’t target or just has never treated ahead of. Primary examples include the initial brands out-of Uhura and Sulu from inside the Star Trek or even the faith your acronym NCC means things, which were «fanon» well before specialized adoption.

Option Universe

Approach Universe, or Bien au, means a narrative devote yet another universe on canon. It world would be additional in certain ways, instance AR (Alternative Reality), On (Alternative Schedule), otherwise AH (Most of the People). The last relates to dream or science fiction tales with non-individual characters.

A story is also called Au in the event the creator makes major changes to your canonical storyline otherwise premises, particularly destroying off a primary reputation, modifying characters’ intentions otherwise associations, annulling big events otherwise altering the background. Particular preferred Au Harry Potter stories disregard the loss of Dumbledore or Sirius Black.

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