Let’s say zero connections try listed on the Organization Contact list page?

  • Find out if the college no more provides people obligations for the overpayment.
  • With this specific Website, validate that the overpayment obligations could have been stated so you’re able to NSLDS (by DCS GA555). It doesn’t matter if DCS enjoys said brand new overpayment obligations while the reduced.
  • Simply click Overpayment Listing regarding the Help tab. Click the desired Student.
  • Click designated round near the Overpayment obligations appearing their college since Supply. It navigates that new Overpayment Screen page.
  • Mouse click Delete. Which navigates you to definitely brand new Overpayment Remove Confirmation page.
  • Mouse click Prove . So it eliminates this new overpayment regarding program.

Discover NSLDS Member Info for the Studies Heart website because of the interested in »Resource type» about website and you will »NSLDS Affiliate Resources» on Collection page

When you yourself have questions or need assistance to delete a keen overpayment financial obligation, delight contact new NSLDS Customer support Center from the 1-800-999-8219 or through email from the

40. If you need to reach a data provider and there are no contacts listed, call the NSLDS Customer Support Center at 1-800-999-8219. They may be able to assist you. We encourage you to maintain accurate contact information and help encourage other financial aid professionals to enter their organization’s contact information.

All the info on this page will depend on the company taking current names, cell phone numbers, or other email address

41. How do we enhance all of our Business Contact details? You can update the currently listed contact information by clicking on the number next to the function that needs to be changed. Follow the Help Page Instructions found by clicking the Help Icon »?» You can also add contacts for additional functions by clicking the ADD button on the Contact List Page. NSLDS encourages all schools to list at least a primary contact and a contact for Enrollment Reporting as these contacts are used for email notifications.

42. How does the latest printout research distinctive from the internet site? Your browser formats content according to the size of the printed page, not the size of the on-screen window. Text is word-wrapped and graphics are repositioned to accommodate paper size.

43. How does my personal internet browser sometimes crash when print an online site? Sometimes Web pages contain complex graphics. Complex graphic images may stress the printer driver beyond what it can handle. Usually, the printer manufacturer is aware of such a problem, and may already have an updated printer driver available for you. Check your printer manufacturer’s Web site for an updated driver. Installing the latest driver should solve the printing problems for you.

forty two. Where ought i select NSLDS reference situation? Alternatively, you can select this link to get there. The material is organized by Current and Historical publications.

forty-five. Where can i select the ISIR Book? You can find the ISIR Guide on the online title loans Knowledge Center website by selecting »Library» from the home page and the »ISIR Guide» link under »Handbooks, Manuals, or Guides» from the Publications by Resource Type page. Alternatively, you can select this link to get there. The ISIR Guide and related updates are organized by Current and Historical publications.

46. Where should i discover FSA Manual? You can find the FSA Handbook on the Knowledge Center website by selecting the »FSA Handbook» link from the home page under the »Quick Reference» section on the right-hand side of the page.

47. In which must i find the NSLDS Updates? You can find the NSLDS Newsletters by selecting the News & Events link on the menu bar of the NSLDS Professional Access Web site login page. Selecting this link will open a new window which takes you to NSLDS User Resources on the Knowledge Center website. Alternatively, you can select this link to get there. For historical copies of the Newsletters select the »Historical» link found on the NSLDS User Resources page.

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